Prolonging your Life with the Right Cooking Methods

If you want to lose calories, then you probably know the importance of dieting. Roasting, broiling, baking, grilling, these are the methods of cooking that any individual who is actually interested in losing weight adopts, for all the obvious reasons. 

These methods of cooking, as opposed to frying, do not require as much fat or oil. As such, you are less likely to rack up calories. While most people think of dieting and methods of cooking such as this as a means of losing weight, the techniques you use when preparing your meals can have a lasting impact on your health as a whole.

In fact, if recent scientific discoveries are to be believed, it is possible to live much longer by cooking your foods properly. healthy-diet

While roasting and grilling might seem like appropriate methods of cooking meats, according to medical science, these high-temperature dry-heat methods can actually do more harm than good.

While most people do not watch anything other than calories when it comes to food and dieting, researchers would urge health fanatics to give compounds called Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs) a little more thought next time they are preparing their meals.

AGEs are compounds that manifest in the body as byproducts of the metabolic process. According to medical science, AGEs, when they manifest in excess amounts, can exacerbate oxidation and inflammation. It may increase the risk of ailments like Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and various cancers.

AGEs pose more of a threat whenever they are allowed to accumulate in the body. In fact, AGEs are rather prominent among the elderly, which is why they tend to manifest the above-mentioned illnesses.

Carbohydrates that are made with fat and baked at high temperatures (crackers, cookies etc) also pose a threat, this along with grilled chicken and toasted marshmallows.

Foods with lower amounts of AGEs include nuts, legumes, vegetables, fruits, yogurt and fresh cheeses to mention but a few. Researchers believe that a notable 10% of all the AGEs an individual accrues during their lifetime are consumed through their diet. For this reason, people are encouraged to take careful considerations of the foods they eat and how they prepare them.

Some cooking and dieting tips that should help the human body maintain its health for longer time periods include the following:

-Every meal should be balanced with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other food items with low levels of AGEs.

-Acidic elements like lemon and vinegar should be prioritized when it comes to marinating meat.

-Food should be cooked slowly on low heat. This approach should be utilized for everything, including scrambled eggs.

-Avoid processed foods and make an effort to eat home cooked meals.

-When it comes to cooking, restrict yourself to steaming, stewing, poaching and braising.

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